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Uses For Corrugated Plastic Boxes - IPS Packaging

Looking for innovative packaging options for your business? When you’re a business that often packages and delivers items to clients and business partners, it’s important to package your items safe and securely – this can prove difficult though if you’re dealing with valuable and fragile items like technology or luxurious products. Corrugated plastic boxes are often a trusted way of packing your products, mostly because you have the ability to develop tailored packaging from your box. If you want to know uses for corrugated plastic boxes, then continue to our website, IPS.

We are known as a market leader amongst those versatile packaging companies across the UK; providing various solutions in protecting your products and items. With a selection of materials available to us, you can benefit from our expertise in ensuring your packaging performs highly in the protection of your items, as well as being the most cost effective design option on the market to suit your budget.

With our corrugated packaging, we are able to offer a broad range of packaging solutions for you. Whatever the size or shape of your product or items, we can guarantee that we can expertly design a bespoke Corrugated Package for you. With our extensive FEFCO and EMCA rigid and corrugated cardboard parametric CAD library, we can design and manufacture the highest level of corrugated products. By offering various corrugate grades from the conventional single & double wall materials through to ‘heavy duty’ materials such as triple wall, Sovereign™ and masterflute™ ranges; we really can help.

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