IPS is the market leader in versatile packaging solutions for the protection of your products and materials. Their expertise ensures high performance protective packaging, resilience, and cost effective design options.

Polyethylene packaging

Polyethylene Packaging

Polyethylene foam is used to give protection to fragile and expensive items because of its ability to absorb and recover from repeated shocks. Lightweight, clean and recyclable, it’s the best choice for product protection.

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Explorer Cases

Explorer Cases

IPS can supply Explorer Case for a wide variety of products and industries. Explorer cases provide
complete range of indestructible waterproof cases and are the ideal solution to meet the needs
of the most demanding users, in the most extreme conditions.

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Custom fitted case inserts

Custom Fitted Case Inserts

Customised CNC machined foam inserts and foam line protective cases fulfilling a wide range of uses include Medical Equipment, Defence, Aerospace and the Automotive industries.

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Automotive products

Automotive & Aerospace Reusable Packaging Solutions

IPS can supply standard modular stacking, fabricated or modified containers, folding pallet box and metal stillage’s with a range of bespoke internal fitting designed to hold and protect components during handling and transportation.

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Wooden crates and clip cases

Timber Crates & Clip Cases

These timber-based products remain a preferred packaging choice for many companies and it forms the core activity of the IPS manufacturing facility. Not only is timber a strong, flexible and cost-effective construction material, it’s a natural and sustainable material which is kind on the environment.

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Polystyrene packaging

Polystyrene Packaging

A versatile cushioning material, polystyrene has a wide variety of densities and grades. It can be engineered to suit a variety of products giving a high level of protection without adding significant weight. No other packaging product offers the combination of strength, lightness, insulation and durability to protect valuable objects.

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Corrugated containers

Corrugated Packaging

Cardboard containers are versatile products that can be combined with other materials to fulfil precise packaging requirements. Conventional corrugated carton packaging comes in a wide range of single and double-wall options. The heavy-duty corrugated packaging provides an extra level of protection when required.

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