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Protective Packaging Designer & Manufacturer UK | IPS Ltd

IPS are UK leading protective packaging designers and manufacturers for a wide variety of items and clients. Whether you’re looking to ship a single fragile item or you need to transport a number of items large or small, then we will be able to formulate the ideal packaging solution for your needs. From Polyethylene Packaging to Custom Fitted Case Inserts, our range of bespoke packaging solutions will offer you the perfect solution for your packaging.

From the outside to the interior of your packaging, your packaging solution will be manufactured to best meet your needs and secure and protect your items within the packaging. Our packaging manufacturing capabilities stretch further than cardboard and bubble-wrap, we use an array of materials, including metals, plastic and foam inserts. We’re known here at IPS as the UK market leaders in the design and manufacture of protective packaging in materials, offering advanced foams, corrugated boards and composites.

We provide dynamic protective packaging from our UK factory, and ensure that we offer protection, resilience and cost effective designs. Along with innovative packaging design, we are a company that is committed to continual improvements of our manufacturing methods – to keep ahead of the competition and give you the best packaging on the market.

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