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Protective Foam Packaging - IPS Packaging

Does your product require protective foam packaging in transportation? You can be sure that with our service here at IPS we can produce the most effective packaging and protection to prevent your product being damaged.

We’ve all experienced a time when we have sent a product to another person or business, only to find upon arrival the product is damaged. Is it the lack of packaging, or the carelessness of the deliverer? Who knows, but what we can determine is that it is in the best possible packaging possible. Here at IPS, we have been able to work with a variety of companies to produce some fantastic packages for certain products. No matter how vulnerable or fragile an item is, there is always a packaging answer to prevent damage.
IPS understand the designing process is just as key as the construction of your case. Which is why throughout the process, they will apply their entire catalogue of experience, knowledge and expertise to create an innovative case to protect and store an item.
IPS use a wide range of materials and utilise a range of diverse manufacturing processes and techniques, to produce the widest range of packages.

No matter what item or product you have that needs protection, give us a call on 01978 661671. Let us review your situation and produce protective foam packaging for you.

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