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Bespoke Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Packaging | IPS Ltd

Are you looking for an innovative packaging company who can provide you with tailored Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam? Here at IPS, we provide many companies across the UK with innovative and tailored packaging to suit their products and increase their product’s security during delivery and in transit. Although many people believe that to ensure you have secure packaging, you need a hard exterior for your packaging, what’s also important is what is on the inside – this is where Polyethylene Foam comes into play.

Polyethylene foam is commonly known as closed call foam, and is extremely resilient and suited to shock absorbing, thermal insulation and acoustic sound proofing. Polyethylene foam is the ideal material for designing protective packaging for various industries and products. It provides a precise level of product protection and is bespoke to your needs – with the freedom of moulding and cutting to size and shape. Polyethylene can not only be engineered to meet your requirements, but is also clean, light weight and re-usable; without any effectiveness lost. We always endeavour to manufacture it reducing waste and enhancing product quality.

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