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Bespoke Packaging Design & Manufacture | Custom Packaging | IPS Ltd

When you have an object, product or item which is small, fragile or uniquely shaped, and you need to send it across the country or overseas, then bespoke design packaging is the answer to secure your item during the delivery process. Here at IPS, we work with the latest equipment to design and test numerous packaging concepts. When you require bespoke packaging, you can always expect the highest level of attention when it comes to our design team – who will use the latest design software and widest range of materials.

We’ve worked with many industries over the years to create numerous types and styles of packaging to suit an item. During our time, we’ve been able to design and manufacture various modified cases for our clients; therefore, building a great portfolio and experience. By using our expert services, you can expect reinforced packaging to suit you packing, delivery and storage needs. When it comes to transporting a large or small item, it is vital to ensure that it is packed safely within a finely reinforced box, crate or case.

Our packaging is always designed and manfuactured to withstand the handling it experiences either in transit or freight. Our experienced team will be able to collaborate with you to analyse and develop the most effective and functional packaging solution to suit your needs.

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