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Routed Foam Inserts - IPS Packaging

Have you got a product or range of tools that you need to package safely and securely? Using Routed Foam Inserts could certainly be a great way for you to ensure that your items are securely stored in durable and accurate packaging. Routed Foam Inserts if you aren’t aware is the foam that is accurately shaped and cut to hold and mostly cover a product. What this does is add further protection to hold it in place and to act as a bouncy barrier that prevents any damage. It increases the chances of the product arriving to a location safely because of it is finely shaped for a specific products or item.

The outside packaging is key for any type of packaging, but the inside of a package is also key because if there is no sort of protection inside, then it will most likely not be able to protect your item from getting damaged. There are many ways to ensure your packaging is treated with care, with packaging signs like this way up arrows or ‘fragile’ labels; but sometimes that isn’t enough. To ensure its safety you need to create specialised packaging to perfectly fit and secure your items inside the packaging.

IPS offer a range of services to provide each and every client with good quality packaging. They offer Routed Foam Inserts, Polyethylene packaging, Polystyrene packaging, Corrugated packaging, custom fitted case inserts, automotive & aerospace reusable packaging solutions and timber cases & clip cases. Your options are limitless with IPS’ expertise.

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