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New Machine for IPS

IPS have installed a new flatbed cutting plotter which ideal for use in the signage, displays and packaging industries. The digital cutting machine can be used for routing and cutting a wide variety of materials including vinyl, wood, all types of cardboard, foam and acrylic.

The plotter cutting system outputs high precision finished products in less time to help maximise your production and reduce your costs. The digital cutting table offers rapid routing and knife-cutting capabilities, providing a machine that will deliver quality products at a lower cost.

Digital cutter features:

Flatbed cutting plotter with 2500 x 1700mm table c/w standard equipment and features:

  1. Oscillating Knife Tool Kit
  2. Non-Oscillating Knife Tool Kit
  3. Plotting Pen Tool (Ball Pen/Gel – Ink Pen)
  4. Laser Locating Pointers (2 pieces – for manually positioning against print marks)
  5. Creasing Wheel Tool Holder
  6. Safety System – Crash Impact Device + Front and Rear Infra Red Sensors
  7. Subarea Absorb
  8. EN LED Touch Screen
  9. Operational Software + Dongle
  10. Vacuum Pump
  11. Air Compressor