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Find Versatile Packaging with Conductive Plastics

Have you been attempting to find versatile packaging with conductive plastics? By using our expertise here at IPS, we’ll be more than capable of working alongside you to form packaging concept designs to best suit your requirements and the specifications of your items.

We are known as the market leader in versatile packaging, and have been providing solutions for many years now. Having worked with an array of businesses over the years, we know how best to store and protect products and materials in durable and bespoke packaging. Our expertise ensures high performance protection, resilience and cost effective design ideas.

We’ve worked with a number of industries that require carefully designed and manufactured packaging; whether it be within the electrical or technological industry, conductive plastics or antistatic materials are hugely beneficial to you and your components. They can best protect your intricate equipment from all potential damages; from handling to static charge.

We offer anti-static and conductor plastics to build some packaging, and we can guarantee that your packaging can be in most cases, lightweight, neat with various coating options, easier handling, less chance of denting, chipping or scratching, and less costly to ship.

To find out more about our packaging solutions with conductive plastics, take a look through our website.

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