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Cushioning Expanded Foam | IPS

Does your product or components require tailor made interior and exterior packaging to keep it safe during transportation and delivery? Often manufacturers rely on exterior packaging to keep their items safe, but the outer packaging is not enough to ensure your products arrive in one piece – which is why you require specialist quality interior packaging too. We highly recommend our Cushioning Expanded Foam interior here at IPS.

Cushion expanded foam is used to efficiently cushion the items within your package by filling the empty space with a bespoke and moulded interior. This means that your item will be securely locked into place and unable to move whilst it’s being handled. Expanding foam is extremely effective in protecting materials and providing maximum resistance.

We are a unique packaging company that works with diverse clients and materials to produce the best range of tailor designed parcels. We’re known as the market leader in using versatile packaging solutions, performing expertly in the role of protection and resistance. When you need durable and bespoke packaging, look no further – all of our packaging options allow you to create the best packaging for your product. With your ideas and our packaging design capabilities, we can create the precise package you require.

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