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Corrugated Plastic Carton Design & Manufacture UK | IPS Ltd

Do you want to buy corrugated plastic cartons online?

When it comes down to finding the right packaging, it is always important to find a company who is experienced with designing, testing and manufacturing a range of packaging and creating packaging solutions. With IPS you can always be guaranteed a great range of packaging solutions to choose from to suit your reasoning for the packaging. Packaging is vital for safely storing and protecting a product or item of yours, and this is the foreground of IPS’ range of packaging.

In terms of their corrugated plastic carton and corrugated packaging, they offer several packaging designs from their extensive FEFCO and EMCA rigid & corrugated cardboard parametric CAD library, which enables them to rapidly design and manufacture corrugated products to meet your requirements.

Not every product is the same and IPS completely understand this. They know that some items need more protection than others, and this is the reason that IPS offer the conventional single and double wall materials as well as the specialised ‘heavy duty’ materials such as triple wall, Sovereign™ and masterflute™ ranges. The outer material of the packaging is important, but to further strengthen the packaging is to include an internal filling from other materials that IPS manufacture, these materials are most commonly polyethylene or polystyrene.

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