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Corrugated Plastic Box Design & Manufacture | Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Do you want to find a packaging alternative for your components or products? There is nothing worse than transporting your goods from one location to another only to find that they end up being damaged in transit. To ensure that your products are protected during their delivery, you need to take further steps to make sure that there is minimal movement within your own packaging. We highly recommend considering our corrugated plastic boxes, which allow us to not only utilise the outer layer of your packaging, but also the interior of your packaging.

Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer

Cardboard boxes are the typical piece of packaging that many people utilise when it comes to securing, storing or transporting packages from one place to another; but without protection inside the box, your items are prone to damage. We design and manufacture  a variety of corrugated packaging  from our extensive FEFCO and EMCA rigid & corrugated cardboard parametric CAD library. This allows us to design innovative corrugated products to meet your requirements. Corrugated packaging relies on the enhanced addition of an internal filling, which is cut to size and the shape of not only your box, but your items.

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