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Anti-static & Conductive Plastic Packaging Manufacturer UK | IPS Ltd

Are you a company who requires tailored packaging for the movement of your items? Here at IPS, we specifically specialise in the manufacturing of tailored packaging for various industries. We do not just supply packaging to our clients, we in fact work hard to carefully design and build innovative packaging to suit you and your product’s requirements. We work with various materials when producing our fresh packaging cases and boxes, including conductive plastics.

Anti-static  & Conductive Plastic Packaging

If you’re involved in the electrical or technological industry, then conductive plastics or antistatic materials would be something that would be hugely beneficial to you and your components; to best protect your intricate equipment from all potential damages from handling to electrical or static charge. With the various anti-static and conductor plastics we use, we can guarantee that your packaging can be in most cases lightweight, a neat finish with coating options, easier handling, less likely to dent, chip or scratch and it is generally less costly to ship. The fabrication of such packaging is also cheaper than other packaging materials, making it an extremely popular choice for our clients.

As the market leader of anti-static and conductive packaging, we offer a great selection of  options, including polyethylene packaging, polystyrene packaging, corrugated packaging, custom fitted case inserts and automotive & aerospace reusable packaging.

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