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Automotive Materials Handling Solutions UK | IPS Ltd

Have you been searching for a company who can offer automotive materials handling solutions? By using our expert packaging services here at IPS, we’re confident that we can work alongside you to design and produce packaging to suit your automotive products or components for transit, shipment or delivery.

The automotive industry is a competitive industry which offers a great deal of varied items. This makes it vital to have complex and secure packaging which is designed with the smallest aspects in mind and is highly effective in protecting and storing all varieties of products or equipment. We are extremely fortunate to provide a range of materials to provide you with the handling solutions you require.

We engineer re-usable packaging for a number of companies across the UK, and utilise varied standard and non-standard solutions, including modular stacking containers, folding & collapsible plastic, steel fabricated pallets, and modified elongated plastic containers.

Each project we undertake, we combine bespoke engineered CNC machined foam fittings, divider systems or textile dunnage to further accommodate to your needs and increase security and protection with each piece of packaging.

We are the market leaders of versatile packaging and offer solutions to an array of industry sectors, ranging much further than the automotive sector.

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