Heavy Duty Protective Cases

Do you currently need heavy duty protective cases? You can be sure to receive the best heavy duty protective cases solutions with IPS.

IPS are currently the leading company within the packaging industry for heavy duty protective packaging. All the packaging concepts, innovation and designs that are created by IPS are designed to protect your products and materials whilst in transit. Using a wide range of materials to produce a protective case for any sort of product, IPS are the experts in ensuring high performance protection, resilience, and cost effective design options.

IPS guarantee packaging innovation from their very own UK factory, products delivered on time, competitive pricing to meet any budget, designs focused on cost, performance and the environment, flexible, diverse and simplified packaging solutions to best meet your needs.

The range of packaging that is offered come in many forms, for example Foam Packaging, Polyethylene packaging, Polystyrene packaging, Corrugated packaging, custom fitted inserts, Automotive & Aerospace Reusable Packaging Solutions and Timber Crates & Clip Cases.

IPS’ aim is always to meet the client’s needs and to create the most suitable and effective packaging solutions for any client involved within any industry.

To see what heavy duty protective case IPS can create for you, continue to their website now.

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