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IPS Joins the North East Automotive Alliance


The North East (NE) is home to leading OEM’s including Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Smith Electric Vehicle, Explorer Group and Cummins, who are responsible for producing over 502,000 passenger cars and commercial vehicles, 6,400 non-highway vehicles and over 325,000 engines.

The region is world renowned for automotive manufacturing, indeed Nissan Sunderland is Europe’s most productive car plant and top ten across the globe. The North East accounts for 26% of all Electric Vehicle production across Europe and boasts a significant and growing reputation for investment into research and development and new and emerging technologies such as advanced propulsion and connected and autonomous vehicles.

There are over 240 automotive companies in the NE automotive sector, together they generate over £10.2 billion in sales, export over £5.1 billion annually, with a trade surplus of £2.6bn. Today the sector directly employs 30,000 people and impacts a further 141,000 jobs across the UK. In the last five years 46 projects has resulted in £1.6 billion being invested into the NE automotive sector, future growth and expansion is set to generate an additional 10,000 new jobs in the next five to 10 years.

IPS Joins Welsh Automotive Forum

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The role of the Welsh Automotive Forum continues to deepen and widen. This places it firmly at the centre of automotive activities in Wales which befits its status as the only body which is of, as well as for, the country’s automotive sector.

The industry in Wales consists of 40 international component manufacturers including the engine plants of Ford and Toyota together with a further 100 + companies in the service and supply chain, many of which are small and medium enterprises.  In total some 18,000 people in Wales are directly employed in this sector with other jobs being generated by the multiplier effect.  The industry generates sales on average of £3.2 billion per annum and has a combined payroll in excess of  £0.5Bn per annum.

The Welsh Government has made it clear that it wants to support manufacturing and wants to make sure that the role undertaken by WAF and its members attains maximum economic benefit. To this end a new ‘umbrella’ company has been established (2013) by the Welsh Government.

Industry Wales unites the sector forums of Automotive, Aerospace and Electronic and Software Technologies, to achieve greater synergy to support the Government with Inward Investment activity, job creation as well as strengthening research and development, promoting where appropriate, Enterprise Zones in Wales.

IPS – Investors in People

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In achieving the award, we are proud to say we have demonstrated our continued commitment to empowering and engaging employees, supporting a company-wide culture of learning and creating a high-performance environment that delivers the ultimate value to all our customers.

IPS achieved the Investors in People regular standard in March of 2015 .  Independent interviews were carried with staff chosen randomly by an external assessor who judged the business against 196 evidence requirements and judged the business to have achieve the standard.

Commenting on the award, Patrick York, Operations Director said: “It demonstrates our ambition to invest in employees to achieve set goals, create a culture of empowerment, recognition and reward and invest time in learning and development. I believe that it is essential for the development of a business to truly engage team members at all levels. My vision for IPS has always been to become an employer of choice where everyone feels valued and can make a real difference to the business. We have developed a culture where everyone is free to grow as a person, a team member, or manager, where we all feel trusted, that our contribution is valued and belong to something special.”

Investors in People is a management framework for high performance through people whose prestigious accreditation is recognised across the world as a mark of excellence.

IPS announces Cutting Edge equipment


We’re proud to announce the forth coming installation of the unique Elitron Kombo SD

Powerful, fast and productive.
Kombo SD with its multi tool cutting system and milling capabilities is the leading machine for cutting and machine finishing a wide variety of materials and is dedicated to the demands of the protective packaging industry. The flexibility of Elitron SD will allow us cut time and cost for design implementation and introduction to production, addressing both short run requirement and complex designs with maximum versatility.

IPS packaging audits are made-to-measure

As part of the company’s wider strategic remit, protective packaging specialists IPS are keen to engage with customers on improving all aspects of their transit packaging systems.

With over 30 years’ experience of providing a wide variety of companies with protective packaging solutions, in materials ranging from advanced protective foams to simple corrugated cardboard and composites, IPS are now UK market leaders in the design, development and supply of protective packaging.

Environmental packaging issues top of the tree for IPS

As UK market leaders in the design and development of protective packaging in materials such as advanced foams, corrugated boards and composites, Wrexham-based IPS are sensitive to the wider issues associated with packaging.

This takes the company’s capabilities beyond the immediate requirements of packaging for product protection and presentation, important though these are.  IPS is also concerned with the strategic issues of packaging which include factors such as logistics and the environment.

IPS factors packaging into the air freight cost equation.

Wrexham-based IPS are keenly aware that air freight charges are a key issue for all those involved in shipping delicate high value items around the world.

IPS clients operating in sectors such as the medical and scientific instruments fields, for example, look to air freight for its speed and convenience but are also increasingly concerned with the cost-to-consignment ratio.

As UK market leaders in the design and development of protective packaging systems in advanced foams and composites, IPS take a strategic marketing stance where the cost of air freight is factored into the viability of a client’s logistics’ operations.